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Where do I end and you begin?

Motherhood is a time where boundaries are constantly in flux... with baby starting literally inside you, then many months of baby being constantly on top of you, and the slow and stop-start negotiation of finding separateness between you as they grow.

Silhouette of mother looking at her child thinking "Where do I end and you begin?"

For many of my clients, reflecting on this journey is so helpful. Some of us can find the boundary breaches of the early days very triggering, while for others this feels easier than the separations. And how do we know when our babies are ready for us to redraw some of our boundaries, to remember our own needs a little more, how do we find this balance?

Many of the mums I work with find themselves stuck in a boundary-less period with their growing babies, and realising that they can make small changes, working to ally their needs with those of their babies, can help them find some space for themselves again ❤️

I’d love to know your experience of these transitions 🙂

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