How I work


Insight, compassion and gentle challenge


I believe we can all benefit from the support of a compassionate listener as we journey through life. I work in an integrative way, using concepts from cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt), humanistic, and psychodynamic ways of thinking. If you need, I can also support you with breastfeeding, combination feeding and infant sleep from many years of working with parents and my professional Breastfeeding Counsellor qualifications.


My view is that there are always reasons for how we are feeling, though they may not always be obvious. I believe that with support and understanding, all of us have within us the capacity to make changes in our lives and feel better.

Starting therapy

When I first meet a new client, we take some time to get to know each other and I will listen to how you are feeling and your story of how you got to where you are today. Many of my clients benefit greatly from the relief of sharing their story.


In the first few weeks of therapy, many of my clients gain a lot of insight into their struggles and the regular time for reflection helps them identify immediate changes which enable them to feel calmer and more able to cope. For some clients, what they have learned at this stage is enough and they will leave, always knowing they can come back if they need.


Longer term

For other clients, there is a desire to learn and change more. As therapy progresses, themes often emerge and this insight can bring new understanding of what has happened in the past and what might be blocking you in the present. As a client this may involve grieving for losses in our past or accepting certain decisions we may have made. 

At this stage many of my clients start to experiment with new ways of acting in their life and relationships. At this stage we might work more practically experimenting with various ways of responding to situations, and I will gently challenge you to become aware of your patterns. As a client it can be a frustrating stage, being aware of what you want to change but strugging against a lifetime (and often generations!) of habits. Sometimes when we change, it can also be difficult for those close to us to accept.

Ending therapy

Many of my clients tell me at the end of therapy that what they expected from me was someone who was going to tell them where they're going wrong in their life and what they need to do to fix things... but what they got from therapy was very different. They got someone who gave them space to feel, and empowered them to find their own unique way fowards. 

Pile Of Books

My counselling qualifications and registrations

Diploma in Integrative Counselling

Inter Psyche Institute

2 year part time diploma, accredited by British Association of Counsellor and Psychotherapists

Professional Ethical Body Membership

BACP register

I am registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists which ensures I practice to a high ethical standard.

Full Professional Insurance

Oxygen (part of Marsh Ltd)

I have a Professional Liability Insurance Policy with Oxygen Insurance covering me for counselling activities.

Professional Development

Ongoing CPD

I am an avid learner and enjoy all sorts of further training. My current interests are in postnatal support, trauma, the mind-body connection, and compassion therapy.

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